Every mobile suit comes equipped with a certain set of skills that enhance its performance in some way. While most skills are only available to certain suits, there are a few that can be granted through custom parts. Note that only one skill effect can be in use at a time, and will not stack. For instance, equipping the custom part "Strengthen Leg Shock Absorber" level 1 and 2, will only give the effect of level 2. The same goes for equiping a higher level part on a suit that already has that skill. A Dom that comes with the skill "Leg Shock Absorber 1" will gain nothing from having the "Strengthen Leg Shock Absorber" part lvl 1 equipped, but will gain "Leg Shock Absorber 2" if the lvl 2 part is equipped. 


Picture EN Name Japanese text Effect Custom Parts
Leg Shock Absorber 脚部ショックアブソーバー         Reduces leg load after jumping/ dashing Strengthening Shock Absorber
Hovering Dash ホバリングダッシュ       Increases thruster duration Hover Nozzle
Emergency Avoidance Control 緊急回避制御 Pushing X twice results in emergency maneuver 
High Performance Balancer 高性能バランサー Allows mobile suit to cancel landing stagger with melee attack
Melee Controller 格闘連撃制御 Ups number of melee swings possible
Quick Boost クイックブースト Charge time for boost jumps lowered Quick Boost
High-Performance Scope 高性能スコープ Allows sniper zoom High Performance Scope
High-Performance Radar 高性能レーダー Enhances radar range
Observation Relay Equipment 観測情報連結 HP and location of enemy suits on radar available to all team members
EXAM System 能力UP「EXAM」 EXAM system activates at 30% health.
Stealth ステルス MS becomes invisible on rader unless attacking or boosting
Anti-Stealth アンチステルス Reveals units using stealth within 200m of MS, unless suit is in prone position
Frontline Maintenance Support System 前線維持支援システム In addition to the Quick Boost and High Performance Balancer composite skills, this skill reduces the entire team's respawn time.