Based upon Zeon's tried-and-true MS-09 Dom series, the MS-10 Pezun Dowadge was one of the last mobile suits in Dom family to be made during the One Year War.

Of all the Dom variants, the Pezun Dowadge is undoubtebly the strongest in terms of Bullet and Beam Armor and Ranged damage, but is also tied with the Dom (Heavy) as having the slowest "running" speed among the Dom types, and though otherwise identical in number, it has only one more mid range Custom Part slot than the Dwadge. The Pezun Dowadge is unique among the other Doms in terms of weaponry: It still uses a Heat Saber as its main melee armament, but it replaces the Dom trademark torso mounted Scattering Beam Gun with a true long range stunning Beam Gun, and though it can still equip the Giant Bazooka, it can also equip an extremely powerful Beam Bazooka, making the Pezun Dowadge the only Dom type capable of using a Beam weapon as its main armament, giving it the edge against many players who don't bother building Beam defenses due to GBO's heavy shell bazooka bias.

Suit Stats:Edit

Cost 325 350 375
HP 13500 14000 14500
Bullet DEF 59 73 87
Beam DEF 59 73 87
Melee DEF 48 54 59
Shoot 66 69 71
Melee 53 56 58
Speed 245 245 245
Thruster 125 125 125
Short Range Slots 5 6 7
Mid Range Slots 6 7 8
Long Range Slots 4 5 6
Development Rate 12% 30% 30%
Development Cost 25900P 31800P
Required Rank Lieutenant 01* Event Lieutenant 10
Rarity 2-star 3-star 3-star
Recovery Time 29 Seconds

Main WeaponsEdit

Name DMG LV1 DMG LV2 DMG LV3 Range
Pezun Dowadge Beam Bazooka 2300 2415 2530 300m
Giant Bazooka 1600 1680 1760 300m


Name DMG LV1 DMG LV2 DMG LV3 Range
Torso Beam Gun 850 892 934 350m
Heat Saber 2000 2100 2200 Melee


Name LV1 LV2 LV3
Leg Shock Absorber LV2 LV2 LV2
Hovering Dash LV2 LV2 LV2
High Mobility System N/A N/A N/A
Emergency Avoidance Control LV1 LV1 LV1
Melee Controller LV1 LV1 LV1
Forced Injection Equipment N/A N/A N/A
Strong Tackle N/A N/A N/A