The unit was covered with thrusters and verniers to give it high maneuverability. Conversely, the large number of thrusters resulted in a high fuel consumption rate, limiting it to only being operable for short periods of time. Its designers chose only minimal armor plating, even removing the hip mounted skirt armor found on most mobile suits entirely from the design. The choice of conventional explosives and weapon systems in favor of beam weapons was made to reduce the drain on its powerplant and resultant drop in speed. Weapon racks were designed to be ejected from the unit as they were expended, minimizing dead weight. The unit was intended to be operated by special forces, built to be easily disassembled and reassembled in blocks. This was to aid in its insertion and activation behind enemy line.

In Battle Operations, The Kampfer is notorious for being one of the most ANNOYING MS to deal with as an EFF Pilot. It's Shotgun and High movement speed are easily combined to create a unit that can stun EFF MS in a heartbeat. However, in exchange for that high speed and trolling power of it's shotgun and strong melee, the Kampfer has the worst defense rating out of all Zeon's Ace suits. It's defense is so low that a Zaku I can withstand the damage more than the Kampfer. With that in mind, Zeon MS Pilots who can play Hit and Run Tactics very professionally will most likely enjoy using the Kampfer.                                      

Level VariationsEdit

Cost 375 410 445 480
HP 9500 10250 11000 11750
Bullet DEF 28 34 40 45
Beam DEF 28 34 40 45
Melee DEF 31 48 65 82
Range ATK 73 86 92 105
Melee ATK 73 84 89 101
Move Speed 230 230 230 230
Thrusters 145 146 147 148
Req. Rank Event Only
Rarity 3 Star 3 Star  3 Star 3 Star
Dev. Rate 30% 18% 18% 15%
Dev. Cost 30000P 30400P 34400P 62400P
Respawn Time 35 Sec

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 6 7 8 9
Mid 7 8 9 10
Long 3 4 5 6