This is a variation of the GM Sniper Custom. This variation were built as space assault type mobile suits, so they added two 4-Tube Rocket Launchers in order to shoot down enemy forces. But due to the high cost of production during the late phases of the one year war, only a fe
Ram Squad
w were ever made. And most are transfered to the Shimoda Squadron.

The GM Sniper Custom: Shimoda Squad Type is like the GM Sniper Custom with the exception of the two 4-Tubed Rocket Launchers, one in each shoulder. With those additions on it's shoulders, it could not equip the hyper bazooka unlike the regular GM Sniper Custom. Because this MS has a high points cost and has no melee to defend itself at close range. The GM Sniper Custom Shimoda Squad Type is a very big target for Zeon Melee Type MS, More Importantly the new Ram Z'Gok and units with stealth on radar like Acguy. However, Because of it's two 4-Tubed Rocket Launchers, ability to support from across the map, and has access to the Double Beam Gun, this unit will become a personal favorite for EFF Pilots who favor the bombarding Supporter.

Level VariationsEdit

EXP 300
HP 11000
Bullet DEF 45
Beam DEF 45
Melee DEF 37
Range ATK 73
Melee ATK 28
Move Speed 185
Thrusters 115
Rarity 3-Star
Req. Rank
Dev. Rate 30%
Dev. Cost 31300
Respawn Time 21

Custom Parts SlotsEdit

Melee 3 4 5
Mid 7 8 9
Long 8 9 10

Main WeaponsEdit

English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Sniper Custom Beam Rifle Beam
Double Beam Gun Beam


English Name Japanese Name Projectile type Comments
Wrist-Mounted Beam Saber Melee
Head Vulcans Bullet
4-Tube Rocket Launcher Ballistic