Bullet weapons use conventional live ammunition and are placed into two major types: machine guns or explosive launchers. The first type has some of the best damage-per-second (DPS) values and magazine size of any ranged weapon, while the second type is much slower but has higher per-shot damage, a wide blast area and stun effect. A third type, large cannons used as sniper rifles, are available only to the GM Ground Type(WR), Gundam Ground Type(WR), and GM Sniper II.

One of the earlier game patches greatly reduced the size of explosive blast areas, so that the visible explosion graphic is much larger than the actual area that can cause damage.

Support weapons such as sniper rifles require the unit to stand still while firing, while machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers do not.

LV DMG Fire Rate Ammo Reload Speed Range Blast Area Notes Dev. Cost
90mm Machine Gun 1 105 300 RPM 80 6.0s 200m 2m 525 DPS 2800P
90mm Machine Gun w/ Grenade Launcher 1 150 100 300m Defaul Equipment
100mm Machine Gun 1 160 250 RPM 50 5s 250m 2m 666.7 DPS Default Equipment
100mm Machine Gun Kai 1 220 214 RPM 50 4.5s 350m 2m 785 DPS Default for Blue Destiny
Hyper Bazooka 1 1000 4.7s 12 13.0s 300m 13m - 2400P
Rocket Baz
Rocket Launcher 1 1400 6.0s 8 16s 300m 12m - 2800P
Missile Launcher 1 2000 - 6 - 400m - - 9500P
Sniper II Rifle
GS2 Sniper Rifle 1 1650 3.5s 6 8.5s 700m - - Default Equipment
180MM Cannon
180mm Cannon 1 1800 5.2s 6 10.0s 600m - - Default Equipment
Rail Cannon
Twin 4-tube Rocket Launcher(BOP) 1 200 - 24 - 450m - - Default Equipment
MP Twin 4-tube Rocket Launcher(BOP) 1 200 24 450m Default Equipment